About Us

Staffing has been MAXPROLEARN’s forte in recent times. We staff quality professionals to all verticals in the IT, Non-IT operations and projects alike. Our team of SAP Professionals is a force to reckon with which has catapulted our Staffing services to an immensely loved and respected agency by our esteemed clients.

MAXPROLEARN believes in providing the best Staff and Services to its client by advertising and seeking genuine candidates for recruitment whose credibility has been verified by a stringent process. The Staff selected is further forwarded for client screening and on their green, further recruitment process is initiated.

The Staffing services at us are subjected to a great deal of business ethics and no amount whatsoever is derived as commission from the employee but the commission by the client as agency staffing services remuneration/ commission.

Taking immense pride in the Staffing solutions we have and are providing to our esteemed list of clients we boast of a healthy ever-growing business relationship which is not just centred around the staff but a cycle of transparency between Client-Agency-Staff


Remote / Virtual Staffing Solutions

Our foray into the field of Remote or Virtual Staffing Solutions came as a boon to both our then existing clientele and a world full of new opportunities. The essence of Remote Staffing is indeed an effective way to marginalize costs of the client and truly beneficial to the consultant and agency as well.

We Remote/Virtual/Offshore staff across all IT and Non-IT Domains alike which in turn has consolidated our consultant base to a resource pool with an impeccable placement and recruitment time. Joining hands with ‘The Best in the Industry to the Best in the Industry’ has been our punchline with an impressive record of service delivery.

Remote Staffing provides a platform for the companies irrespective of their size and volume to explore new avenues without the hassles of managing employees on the company payroll. It is highly beneficial for projects and special assignments where the period of service is deemed to be limited and budget allocations are precise. Remote/Virtual staffing, in other words, provides that freedom to the client where they can have a workforce which is skilled and potential to perform tasks with little or no help from the in house human resource team.

MAXPROLEARN caters to clients from all avenues and although we have been serving the crème in Industry, We take immense pride and dedication in serving everyone who is in need of a skilled consultant(s) across all domains and verticals possible.